Family and Friends 2nd Edition Online Practice

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Family and Friends 2nd Edition Online Practice is an easy-to-use online learning management system for teachers, students and parents. It provides additional material linked to every lesson in the Class Books to support and develop language skills.

Teachers: can easily give homework which is marked and recorded automatically.

Students: have extra interactive practice in grammar, vocabulary and the four key skills. They can view their progress and see their strengths and weaknesses in different skill areas.

Parents: can support and view their child’s progress online making homework more motivating for everyone.

Family and Friends 2nd Edition Online Practice includes these great features:

Available on all devices

Online Practice is now compatible on a range of platforms. It can be used on a laptop, PC, Android device or iPad® (the demo works on desktop computers only).

Automatic Grading and Reporting

Activities are automatically graded and scores are put into a progress report for the teacher. Teachers can easily view and compare student and class progress.

Discussion Forum

Students and teachers can communicate with each other in the Online Practice forum. They can extend classroom activities, ask about homework, report on projects, and take part in English discussions as their level increases.


Teachers and students can message anyone within their Online Practice class, giving them opportunities to use their language skills in a protected real-world environment.


Online Practice is available for teachers through an access code on a card in the Teacher's Books. Student access codes are found on cards in the Workbooks with Online Practice and on stand-alone cards.